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Pregnancy Workshop Success

This year the Preferred Communities (PC) team worked with a group of pregnant women from Afghanistan to provide information about giving birth in the US. We hosted a workshop with midwife Jackie DuBois to tell them about getting regular checkups, what to expect during delivery and self-care for the first month postpartum.

Countries have different standards and procedures for health care and giving birth in a new country can be daunting. As one client said, “The thought of giving birth to your first child away from your family in a completely new country with a different language and culture can be crazy. But the RRO provided a timely and effective Pregnancy and Childbirth in the US Workshop that helped me to learn a lot of important things in this regard and be able to give safe birth and take care of my beautiful son Yusuf and niece Azada.” Clients were able to ask questions with an interpreter in a relaxed environment and learn from the questions their peers asked as well.

Thanks to the help of our PC team, our clients were able to access the resources they needed to feel comfortable giving birth in their new country. Now we are happy to help them continue to access resources for their babies, such as offering diapers and baby blankets. We have also arranged a postpartum workshop for our clients to ensure a full recovery after giving birth.

Here are a couple of pictures of newborns whose moms took part in the class!

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