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Founded in 1978, Diocese of Olympia’s Refugee Resettlement Office (RRO), an affiliate of Episcopal Migration Ministries and the Episcopal Diocese of Olympia, serves refugees and asylees in the Seattle area. Our clients come to us from anywhere in the world seeking guidance and assistance in building a new life in America and achieving economic self-sufficiency. Our mission is accomplished through resettlement, job placement activities, and business development programs that promote

As an affiliate of the Episcopal Migration Ministries, we proudly carry on a century-old legacy of Episcopal ministries that welcome immigrants and refugees.

  • Micro-Enterprise Programs

  • Citizenship Classes

  • Business Training

  • Financial Literacy Training

  • Childcare STARS Training

  • Resettlement

  • Immigration

  • English Classes

  • Employment Assistance

  • Individual Development Accounts


Our mission is accomplished through the following services:​

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