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Employment Succeses

Befiker, a refugee from Ethiopia, shows the strong work ethics and determination to become financially independent of many refugees. One striking quality that became apparent to me right away is his remarkable drive and determination. Just two days after our initial meeting, Befiker was interviewed by Gate Gourmet and promptly hired.

Befiker confidently states, "Computers come naturally to me," and he aspires to take relevant classes and eventually work at Microsoft. He possesses the ability to effectively advocate for his aspirations, demonstrating a clear sense of purpose and ambitious plans.

Abdul, a refugee from Afghanistan, arrived in this country with his wife and four sons. Back in Afghanistan, Abdul served in the Presidential Protective Services (PPS) for a commendable 12 years as part of the President's security detail.

With a keen interest in security, Abdul has found employment at PalAmerican Security and has diligently earned all necessary certificates, completed relevant courses, and fulfilled mandatory training requirements to do his job well.

Notably, Abdul consistently maintains a positive demeanor and expresses deep gratitude to all those who have supported him during this significant life transition.

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